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to the winners of The MANS Board of Directors Election. 

MANS Secretary/Treasurer
Teck Soo, MD - Ascension Providence Hospitals

MANS Member at Large/Director
Mark Moisi, MD - Detroit Medical Center

Our 39th Annual Summer Meeting was a huge success at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, August 27-29, 2021.  Thank you to all the speakers who took time out of their schedule to present.  Thank you to all the vendors who attended and supported our meeting and Thank you to all the attendees who showed up to learn and network with all.  

A special thank you to our honored guest/keynote speaker, Michael Steinmetz, MD for making the trip to beautiful northern Michigan to be with us.

CALL FOR NEWSLETTER ARTICLES - Please email Admin@mansneurosurgery.org to submit an article for the upcoming newsletter.

Do you have any known history of the neurosurgery practice or programs in the state of Michigan?

MANS is asking anyone who has any interesting facts, historical articles, historical facts, history of medical schools, medical programs and hospitals on the practice of neurosurgery in Michigan, please email to admin@mansneurosurgery.org.  We are hoping to put together a history book of to celebrate the hard work of neurosurgeons in the state of Michigan and how it all started.  

Thank you to all for attending the 2019 meeting in Grand Rapids! 

MANS MISSION STATEMENT: To promote, develop, and support neurosurgery and the betterment of public health in the State of Michigan.

Spring 2020 Newsletter
Neurosurgery in the Time of COVID

Coronavirus / COVID-19    Resources and Updates

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