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Call for Resident Abstracts

2019 MANS Call for Resident Abstracts

Michigan Association of Neurological Surgeons

37th Annual Meeting

June 7-9, 2019


Resident Abstract Presentations

Participants: Neurosurgery residents training in the State of Michigan are invited to submit abstracts in both basic and clinical science research.

Deadline: The deadline for electronic submission of abstracts is Friday, April 5, 2019.

Abstract Guidelines: Your abstract should include the following key elements:

• Reason for your work

o What is the importance of this study?

• Problem

o What does your work attempt to solve?

• Methodology

o What is the approach that you used in your study or review?

• Results

o What are findings/data that indicate the results of your work?

• Implications

o What changes, if any, should be implemented as a result of your findings and how do your

findings add to neurosurgical knowledge?


Abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words and include:

  • 1.       Resident name and program
  • 2.       Contact information, including phone and email
  • 3.       Authors, including presenting author underlined

Awards will be given in the following categories:

• Grand Prize: $1500    • 2nd Place: $1000         • 3rd Place: $500

Submissions: Please send submissions to Dr. Hazem Eltahawy at michiganassociationns@gmail.com. Please clearly indicate in the subject line of the email that it is a “Resident Abstract Submission for the MANS 2019 Meeting.”


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